Rank Structure

At the top of the rank structure in the art of Jui-Jitsu is the Grandmaster, responsible for developing and preserving the art for future generations. The Professor is an exemplary role model both inside and outside the Dojo or club, with exceptional knowledge and expertise in the art. Those who have made significant contributions to the development and advancement of Jui-Jitsu are awarded the rank of Doctor.

The Chief Instructor (of a country) oversees the approval of new clubs, tracks memberships, injuries, and senior gradings, resolves disputes, and ensures adherence to safety guidelines and associated fees. The Master rank is reserved for instructors who have dedicated their lives to Jui-Jitsu and have demonstrated their ability to train and develop other instructors. The Head Instructor (of a state) is responsible for maintaining regular contact with all instructors in their state, visiting all clubs in person, collecting fees, resolving disputes, and ensuring adherence to safety guidelines.

Instructors are responsible for teaching the core values and syllabus of Jui-Jitsu to students, ensuring they have good character, and notifying the Head Instructor of new members, injuries, and gradings. The Kuatsu Specialist rank is for instructors who specialize in teaching and examining Kuatsu (healing techniques) students. Those who have completed training in Kuatsu and can responsibly practice healing techniques are awarded the Kuatsu Trained rank.

Belt rankings are as follows: Dan Grade (1st to 6th), Black Belt, Brown Belt, Green Belt, Orange Belt, Yellow Belt, and Self Defense Grade.