All members must show appropriate respect to higher ranks by bowing before addressing them and after discourse is completed.

Upon entering and leaving the training area, all students must bow.

Prior to beginning or ending a lesson, the class must bow in from the highest rank to the lowest. The instructor should be at the top centre, and the highest to lowest ranks should form equally on either side to create a rectangular formation.

Members of appropriate rank who choose to wear black pants to training may not participate in being thrown during class.

Members who have qualified for the Instructors grade must wear a 10mm red stripe at the bottom of their belt to indicate their rank.

Members who have qualified for First Dan, Instructor Dan, and Kuatsu Training are considered to be Master Grade and are entitled to wear black pants. This rank is shown with a 25mm red stripe at the bottom of their belt.

Members who have passed one or more Dan grading must wear one 10mm gold stripe per grading passed. These markings will be placed above all others on the belt.

Members and instructors of the IJJF should promote coexistence with other martial arts and support other styles or arts that align with the IJJF’s teachings.

In the event of an open challenge against the club, the senior belt instructor of the club should defend the club’s honor. All present must ensure a fair competition.