Geraldton – Responsive Defence and Jui-Jitsu

A little bit about instructor Grant.

“I served as a field engineer in the Australian army from 1987 to 1996, were I got to travel around quite a lot and was posted to the Butterworth air force base for 4 months during 1989, the funny part was that I used to drink in the bar (the boatie club ) where Professor Raj used to teach and train and never realised it until 2010 when I was lucky to be instructed by professor Raj in Kuatsu and during discussions after training realised I could have started learning this fantastic life changing art many years earlier than I did. I even got to roll on the same old canvas training mats. (I have a funny feeling that they were still the same ones too but just with less padding in them after the years of bodies slamming into them)

I began my Jui-Jitsu training in 2007 and was introduced to this style by a friend who had already been doing it for about 6 years. I did karate for 2 years and was trained in hand-to-hand combat during my 10 years in the Australian army. I currently work in security in health and Ju-Jitsu helps a lot when dealing with difficult and violent patients or visitors.

I have spent a lot of time teaching and instructing in the military and following my service. I was also an emergency response trainer at mine sites and a St Johns ambulance senior first aid trainer, I have a Cert 4 in training and assessing and have completed NCAS coaching training. What I most enjoy about coaching is helping others to learn and perfect skills they sometimes feel they just can’t do but over time discover that they can, and they can do them very well too. Types of students I teach are Military, Emergency response, Police officers, Trades people, Security guards and the General public.”

Contact Grant on 0417 842 846 to discuss class times and fees.