The IJJF Self-Defence system: Responsive Defence

The IJJF Self-Defence system: Responsive Defence

We answer a number of questions that would have crossed your mind several times. Some of the most common concerns or limitations that restrain many people from taking an anticipatory measure are:

  • What would I do if this was to happen to me?
  • How should I react?
  • Will anyone ever help me?
  • Will I freeze?
  • Will I even be able to fight?
  • Will I survive?

When you can recognise and respond effectively to potentially dangerous situations, you’re more confident in your everyday activities and less likely to become a target of crime. Taking a Responsive Defence class doesn’t just have to be about protecting yourself or learning how to take down an attacker with some impressive new moves, it’s also an awesome way to have fun with friends, family or co-workers that could save your life without requiring any martial arts or enhanced physical fitness.

We teach effective, easy to learn Self Defence to first respondents and medical staff, men, women, children and anyone who would like to learn easy to remember techniques to ensure theirs and their family’s safety.