Rank Structure of the IJJF

Rank Structure of the IJJF

Grandmaster: Responsible for developing and keeping our art of Jui-Jitsu alive.
Professor: Exemplary example of a person we all aspire to be like, both in and outside of the Dojo or club. Keeper of knowledge.
Doctor: Awarded for development and devotion to the art.
Chief Instructor (of a country): Responsible for approval of new clubs in their country, tracking of memberships, injuries, senior gradings and associated fees, resolutions and actions resulting from disputes.
Master: Furthering the art through opening of clubs, training black belts, this rank is for the instructor’s instructor.
Head Instructor (Of a state): Maintain regular contact with all instructors in his state including visiting all clubs in person. Collect all grading and fund raising fees to be passed on to Chief Instructor. Organise new clubs by encouraging Black Belt instructors to move into appropriate areas. Resolutions and actions as required from disputes, or refer the matter on to the Chief Instructor. Ensures all O.H.S. guidelines are adhered to in state clubs.
Instructor: Ensure the core values and syllabus is passed on and taught faithfully. To ensure students are of good character. To notify Head of state of new members, injuries and grading’s when they happen. To collect grading fees and insurance money to pass onto Chief Instructor. Ensures all O.H.S. guidelines are adhered to within their own club.
Kuatsu Specialist: Teach and examine Kuatsu students. Responsibly practices healing.
Kuatsu Trained: To responsibly practice healing.

Belt Structure

Dan Grade (1st to 6th)

Black Belt

Brown Belt

Green Belt

Orange Belt

Yellow Belt

Self defence grade