International Jui Jitsu Foundation Logo

This Jui jitsu style has its origins dating back to the 17th Century. A certain Shirobei Yoshitoki Akiyama (although some claim it was Yoshin Miura) travelled to China. It is said that he journeyed to Tibet and after a period of contemplation and training developed the many combat techniques that formed the basis for the school known as Yoshin-Ryu or School of the Willow.

In the early 1930’s a professional wrestler called Kam Hock Hoe travelled to Singapore and under the instruction of Professor Watanabe, where he learnt the art of Jui-jitsu obtaining the grade of 1st Dan. Several years later, he achieved his 2nd Dan under Professor K. Yamamoto in Hong Kong. He then travelled to Kyoto (Kyoto Kokusai Jujutsu Daigakuin of Japan) to complete his training in Kuatsu and to achieve his 3rd Dan.

Master Kam started teaching in Malaysia in 1935 and went on to make a dramatic impact on the Martial Arts’ scene in South East Asia. During his time in Malaysia, Master Kam was particularly noted for the large number of Australian service men and women he instructed at the RAAF Base Butterworth through the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s era. Prior to leaving the Butterworth area, he started the International Jui Jitsu Association, which later became the International Jui Jitsu Foundation (IJJF).

The IJJF was founded in 1979, registered in Malaysia in 1982.  When Professor Kam left the Butterworth area he commissioned Master Raj to head the foundation. Many service men and woman will remember their days training at the RAAF Jui Jitsu club either at the Butterworth air base or on Penang Island under Master Raj and Master Aridas with much fondness. IJJF’s previous Grand Master of the International Jui-Jitsu Foundation is now the late Rajathurai, 6th Dan, Master Dan, Kuatsu Specialist. Master Raj started his martial art career with a grounding in Tae Kwon Do (Brown belt) did Karate for six months before moving on to Siamese Boxing he then went on to spent a year doing Shaolin Kung Fu. Raj then started his Jui Jitsu instruction under the famous Professor Kam Hock Hoe in 1963 and through perseverance rose to the rank of 4th Dan Master.

Our current Grand Master is 6th Dan Professor Aridas, who along with our late Grand Master 6th Dan Gurasami Rajathurai, was a student of Master Kam’s from 1964 until Master Kam’s passing in 1989.  Currently the IJJF has several clubs in Malaysia and Australia and is working hard to continue to pass on the vast array of techniques that make up its diverse style.

The IJJF Family

One truly unique aspect of IJJF is that once you reach a senior belt (especially Black belt) you are no longer just a member of a Martial Arts Club, you become a member of the extended Jui jitsu family. This is a full and rewarding experience as when travelling to train or visit with your fellow martial artists it is quite common for you to be warmly welcomed and well accommodated at very little expense or effort.

The motto of  the IJJF family (honour, justice and service) is an ethos all members, students and teachers strive to emulate.  We aspire to behave with honour in all of our social, private and business dealings.