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  1. An Instructor must promptly relay all memberships and grading fees to the Chief Instructor of IJJF Australia. Records of student attendance, enrolment, and gradings are to be compiled by the Club Instructor.
  2. Permission to instruct a class or course may only be granted by the Chief Instructor of IJJF Australia after confirmation of the potential instructors qualifications i.e. Instructors course, Senior First Aid and Level 2 Coaching Accreditation and proven class training experience.
  3. Instructors must teach the same IJJF core syllabus to the students and remain uniform with the Foundations’ overall teachings.
  4. All instructors have the right to refuse instruction to those who do not agree with IJJF philosophy, manners and integrity. If members or guests behave in an unruly or violent manner they will be asked to leave the dojo or ultimately the club.
  5. New students should be carefully monitored, supported and encouraged before being allowed to participate in normal training classes. Instructors are to ensure that their students are of sound mental and moral character before teaching Kuatsu or advanced techniques.
  6. No instruction of Kuatsu techniques is to be taught without the instructor’s immediate superior and the Grandmasters’ joint approval and direction.